I am taking the mask off, and here I come to light…. My name is Dr. Jes Goldstein, and I was formerly an adjunct professor of Psychology at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Today, I function as a part time research consultant for my husbands forensic psychiatric practice.  I remain both medically and clinically insane. I am not speaking simply of one’s garden variety shopaholic, manic-depressive insane either. There lies by some means, dark and disturbing constructs coursing through my white trashPlaceholder Image sociopathic veins. It is shocking enough that in the past an insane person trained the minds of one’s future doctors. Moreover, consider the fact that I remain married and likewise struggle to assume the duties of a full time mom of two boys.  According to DSM-5, my diagnosis includes, but is in no respect limited to the following: schizoaffective disorder, acute sociopathy, * aspergers, major depressive disorder, anxiety, bipolar, with features of pyromania.

*The latest DSM-5 has reclassified aspergers to autism spectrum disorder. However, I will continue to distinguish the condition as aspergers.

Psychiatrists all have contrasting theories on how I came to remain this way. Some blame genetics, others speculate it as a consequence of being placed for adoption. Also to be found,  was the perpetual sexual abuse and child rape that I experienced at the hands of my foster family. They were quite lovely to take me in after all.  My uncle is currently serving time in prison for producing and distributing child pornography, of which I had a starring role with my younger male cousin. Hardcore pornography constituted a familiar instrumentality  in our beloved hovel. So there it rests, I remain a sociopath taking refuge in plain sight. I am your teacher, your lover, mother,  neighbor, colleague, and classmate.




8 thoughts on “Breaking the Ice: An Introduction

  1. you followed my blog which is lovely but then I read the above and, honestly, I’m a touch discombobulated. I’m not sure if this is real, fictional, fiction with reality, a version of the same or a new sort of state that is post truth, weird and mentally inside out. So, yep, fascinating. I’ll read on and hope I don’t catch whatever it is…

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