I am a FAKE Jew and have an Imaginary Jewish Family: Part Two

img_2454In the first part of this series, I provided a genesis on how I came to be a FAKE Jew with an imaginary Jewish family. You can read about it here at I am a FAKE Jew and have an imaginary Jewish Family: Part One.     There were a meager number of things to do the in small, swampy town of Reaux, Louisiana. Good portions of my childhood were spent reading and taking refuge in the swamp from my drunken foster family. Likewise, was the obstacle of fending off my pedophile foster uncle along with his child pornography friends. Reading remained a welcome escape for me. After having read the whole of the books in the trailer, I came upon some dusty old tomes in the top shelf of a closet. An impeccable set of encyclopedias were stacked neatly, along with some old bibles.

I feverishly immersed myself in the journey, customs, history, and genealogy of the Jewish people. I checked out every book written on Jews or by Jews. I kept my eyes compulsively fixed on every production of film that featured people of Hebraic origins. After all, these were the people chosen of God. Thus, they had an identity. I fell into the hands of the land of Israel. I remain empty of words to explain the emotional and spiritual connection I invoked of the Jewish people and Israel.  It is even more penetrating now. Still to this day, I remain anything but able to determine why a nine year old girl born in New Orleans, Louisiana desired to be a Jew. Perhaps, I yearned to be special and chosen.


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