Let’s face it. We love to let our freak flag fly! However, there are times as well as situations in which we need to rein in a measure of certifiable behavior. Here lies but a couple of means whereby to mimic conventional human poise. Trigger Warning! Satirical Prose

  •  In order to appear normal one must post and share the utmost insipid, bland, or boring abstractions on social media with abandon.  Some palatable instances would be best expressed as vague and inspirational quotes, selfies, pictures of ones pets,  family, vacations..etc. Contrive those human emotions! Push the like button on the vapid posts of others. Bear in mind, one needs to construct the illusion of emotional range together with empathy. It serves as socially imperative to blend in. Survival constitutes the endgame. Moreover, it engenders within others a false sense of refuge provided by such as of your sociopathic persuasion. Likewise, refrain from posting creepy, satirical prose (which confuses the masses), and in turn, steer clear of publishing any conspiracy theory manifestos.


God forbid, if others were to unearth that you suffer from mental illness. However, if  it happens upon that you are discovered; the more socially palatable mental illnesses prove to be in the genre of depression and anxiety. Convey in the most convincing terms that you struggle with one of such aforementioned ailments. Unfortunately it still remains politically and socially incorrect to have psychosis, schizophrenia, aspergers, or bipolar disorder. Individuals who deliberately manifest such insidious illness should  be publicly shunned and flogged, in tandem with their dignity and basic human rights obstructed. No less than those damn diabetics and their infernal insulin. 

  • In sum, post boring social media drivel and claim to have only socially and politically correct mental illness. Enjoy your ruses. Good day.





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