According to mythology of the ancient Greeks, Prometheus stole fire from heaven. He drew near, bearing the thing as a gift in favor of mankind.  As it happens, the adults in my life cast themselves to remain ever empty of gratitude regarding the gifting of fire, from which origins lie in Prometheus.  Consequently, a torrent of punishment came to be his reaping, in light of his useful contribution to humanity. We find with Prometheus, the way of things.  Thus, as it stands, evil deeds remain rewarded whereas virtuous deeds are punished. Why is it that I care if evil deeds arrogate to themselves; waxing on for the time being. Without cause, shall I remain eternally empty of justice?  For I was not without hope to which someone would mete out the ultimate punishment to the depraved men in my life. Those, for who among us, prey upon little children.

PYROMANIA is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (DSM-V) under the classification of impulse control disorders.  In my world, fire gave way to render itself as my mother, father, friend, and lover. Placeholder Image Amid ancient religious texts, the very fabric of God is by far, personified as a consuming fire.  Fire remained life, light, death, power, purification and punishment. Behold its flames. Luxuriate in the vigor, lush and fecund plumes. Fire is forever moving, evolving, soothing, and…….threatening.


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