In the beginning was stupidity…….Come now, were your parents first or second cousins? Is it that you lack the intellectual sophistication that requires one to think critically? Can it be that your pregnant mother huffed copious measures of glue within a Waffle House bathroom? Are you empty of knowledge on mechanisms whereupon the fabric of reality is constructed? These are but a few abstractions to consider if you remain swept in the delusion of aphorisms such as, “beauty is on the inside”,”all you need is talent”, “hard work will not go unnoticed”, “it is o.k to be different” and so forth. img_2475

Like it or not, we are a society that concerns itself  with outward physical appearance. Women happen to be critically judged upon their youth and attractiveness, whereas men remain applauded on wealth and status. Those are rooted mainly amid unspoken societal constructs. Consequently, I have my long hair professionally styled weekly. My teeth are carefully bleached and set with exquisite veneers. I adopted a healthy diet to remain trim and attractive. Makeup, along with uncomfortable, trendy shoes are worn daily. In effect, such is considered vanity; a trifling matter at best. To that end, for me as a woman, it is intended to ensure SURVIVAL.

Consider the reality of a woman living with Aspergers. I am eccentric and socially awkward. I remain high functioning, but certain people are given to a sense of knowledge that something is “askew” in my regard. Women show themselves to be intuitive of these abstractions, in contrast to men. Physical attractiveness strikes in part, rendering me further leverage.  Experience is but an apt teacher of the way of things. Moreover, female colleagues have confided in me of friends and family remaining primarily apathetic of them receiving doctorates, law degrees, Mensa acceptance, learning English, publishing novels, etc. Foremost of these women navigated crippling adversity, along with years of hard work, making their mark.

Their intellectual toil is frigidly embraced with vapid indifference from among their community. Yet, this same community would wildly celebrate them for shedding 10 lbs, or getting their hair done. They related that their social media would blow up with admiration and accolades. “To hell with your intellect” “So tell me, was it hard to eat less cupcakes?” You know, #looksbeforebooks right?  Beauty is power and likewise a commodity for women. It can elevate them both in class as well as social standing. ( Melania Trump*) As a matter of course, I have never had a man message me late at night and ask to see a picture of my book collection.   Not.Even.Once.  During Mardi Gras women are not requested to publicly flash their doctorates or dissertations. 

In light of this convention of stupidity, I have but little choice to adapt accordingly. Play the game as it benefits me and my family. However, bear in mind that I’m likely inwardly trolling for my own twisted amusement.

How about you? Tell me about your #looksbeforebooks experience.  Hell, if I’m lucid, I may even comment back.













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