This is the fourth part of this particular series. If you wish to view the third part, click here I am a FAKE Jew and have an Imaginary Jewish Family: Part Three


Early on, my foster family along with others, showed themselves to be less than elated of my spirituality. To their thinking, my thoughts on the matter proved to draw beyond the pale of eccentricity. In one particular instance, their anger was kindled on hearing that I messed up the entirety of the trailer kitchen. This was owed to my attempt upon making matzah balls from their canned biscuits.


I raised the question to my foster family on having a Bat Mitzvah.  Never mind the fact that I was without a plausible understanding as to what a Bat Mitzvah was emblematic of.   My foster parents remained apathetic atheists and in turn, busied themselves upon mocking people of faith. My mention of God made them swell with colorful language.  Still, even more profane expressions assumed when I asked if they would drive me 35 miles away to a synagogue located in New Orleans. What am I to do?

As luck would have it at those days, protestant churches would on occasion send “church buses”, within impoverished neighborhoods such as ours. Fancy people of the church would make home visits to our dilapidated trailer.  They made offer of transportation to and from the church services. My foster parents did not wish to go, but rest assured, were most happy to foist me onto the “church bus”. Upon my arrival, I would encounter a Jewish man of the highest quality. This moment forever turning the compass needle in my life.









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