This is the third part of a series entitled, “The Chicken is on Fire.” In order to view part two, click on this link  The Chicken is on Fire: Part Two

Raccoons, opossums, cats, stray dogs, and chickens alike, roamed freely amid the trailer park. The most beloved creature among them was a peculiar mutt with matted fur, and he had all but one leg. He was called “J.Y.D.”  J.Y.D  was short for Junk Yard Dog. Not a blessed soul among us kids could ever determine who owned J.Y.D or how he came to lose his leg. In light of this, everyone took up the task of feeding and caring for him. He belonged to us all.


There were round about forty lots centered in Cochise Trailer Park. I lived in lot number thirteen, bounded in part by the swamp. Our trailer was fancier than others in that it had newly minted aluminum skirting. This concealed the rusty and rickety wheels of where it rested.  In contrast, I was far from proud of the gauche tin foil in which we wrapped our windows. We did this for the purposes of lessening the effects of the sweltering Louisiana atmosphere.  From here, we move to the question of the breathtaking view of the air conditioner. The exquisite thing was crafted of duct tape and dangled precariously from the window. But no cause for alarm, for at least our wheels are covered. Lagniappe, right?

The trailer lot numbers of fifteen and sixteen came to be avoided as much as humanly possible.  Lot number fifteen was inhabited by my pedophile foster uncle. He was the brother of my foster dad, and likewise my part-time guardian.  This played havoc with me when my foster parents had “loftier things to do,” and left me at his disposal.

Reigning from lot sixteen was Louisiana “royalty.”  Lot sixteen contained the insidious trailer park voodoo queen and manager, Sanite.  Voodoo as it is commonly known in these parts, is an abstraction of African magical beliefs infused with Catholic elements. It likely evolved from Haiti to New Orleans in the wake of the Haitian Slave Revolt (1791-1804).  Sanite was a macabre creole lady who often boasted that she was descended from Marie Laveau.  During the 1830’s, Marie Laveau was lionized as the most formidable voodoo queen in the history of New Orleans.       ~~~~~~~~Oh, and the organic free-range trailer chickens belonged to Sanite.




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