This is the fifth part to this particular series. If you wish to view the fourth part, click here  I am a FAKE Jew and have an Imaginary Jewish Family: Part Four

At such a time as this, I find myself on the bus headed to a protestant church.  The bus makes several stops to take on new kids. My mind drifts off, and I envision that in place of the protestant church, the bus transports me to the synagogue. Whereupon, I would at last be drawn together with my imaginary biological Jewish family.  My tribe awaits. Isn’t it lovely to think so? Tears of joy would be made real as the prodigal family is kindled.  My imaginary Jewish parents would bear witness to the wrenching sorrow they felt upon casting me aside.  They would earnestly express the notion of never ending their search of me.


Ira and Abigail Cohen were to be their names. I just knew it! My pretend mom would be a marginally successful writer/realtor. Her youthful face, slightly resembling visages of Barbara Streisand. The dream of my father remained of a handsome man adorned with black curling hair and luminating blue eyes. He would be a dashing lawyer in the dress of his suit and kippah. In a twinkling of an eye, they would array me in an exquisite, sparkling white ball gown. Which,  would be immediately followed with lavish feasting and dancing upon all hours of the night.  With a flourish, I would be embraced by all my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins.  At early light, we shall embark on a first class trip back to Israel.  Happiness. Heritage. Identity. Home.

I was sobered back to the present by dint of the kids filing off the lackluster church bus. The dark reality intoxicated my heart. I remained literally no one. Not a blessed soul desired me. A persona non grata, a stranger.  We busied ourselves playing games and this marked the impetus of easing my troubled mind. The adults eventually guided us to yet another room. They regaled us of fascinating stories featuring a man called Jesus. So as it turns out, this Jesus fellow is  Jewish.  Moreover, I am told that he loves me. I must make every effort to seek the imperishable truths regarding this Jesus guy……..


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