If one were to gift me with choosing between public speaking or snuffing out a campfire with my face…..Without provocation, I would surely plunge my face into the blazing campfire. In times of antiquity, the art of rhetoric was a highly sought out skill. Consider the skilled orator, Julius Caesar.  As soon as Julius was old enough, his father forwarded him to school to learn reading, writing, mathematics, and rhetoric.

Julius had a lurid, and powerful voice.  However, in order to advance his ambitions he was willing to distinguish himself as an articulately skilled orator. The quandary of this was that the most lionized rhetoric teacher of all, lived on an island amid the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Traveling there would be a costly undertaking, owing to the peril of pirates which remained an ever-present threat. The elevation Julius Caesar placed on rhetoric, ultimately compelled him to gambit amid marauding pirates.


As a convention, I harbor great admiration for those who find the gift of exquisite rhetoric. These are such, that assume the talent of fortitude and wit before their enemies. Those ~the charlatans, which desire to ensnare them are defeated.

In contrast, some conceive their calling to be beneath the scenes. This of course, within the caveat that God may call them to serve out of their comfort zone. Id est, their utmost desire is engendering them to be set apart as a” persona non grata.”  At this instance in their journey, they may identify with Moses.  Moses was an inarticulate speaker, which whom among us lacked self confidence.

With great earnest we are awaken to divine inspiration. Precept upon precept, we must be adorned in what He drops or distills upon us, evocative of ripe graphic fruits. There may be instances, when we are made unclear of the meaning of his desires. Upon numerous occasions, God fashions riddles within allegory to forge his message.

He may employ others to clarify or edify his words. This is illustrated in 1 Cor 14:29 ” Let the prophets speak, two or three, and let the other judge.”  Proverbs 25:2 says” it is the glory of God to conceal things”……. So if you find yourself replete with the gifts of public speaking, leading worship or working behind the scenes:  Perhaps you have been set apart to become a type of Shield of David;  ever protecting the weaker vessels of the body of Christ.

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