This is fourth part of a series entitled, “The Chicken is on Fire.” In order to view part three, click on this link  The Chicken is on Fire: Part Three

Sanite was the manager/voodoo queen of Cochise Trailer Park.  Her “palace,” constituted as the largest double wide trailer lot among the park.  I fared well of keeping from her sight.  She embodied spiritual vestiges of evil which permeated throughout her physical form.

In an intimate distance from her trailer, there rested a diminutive shed in juxtaposition of a tattered, eroding fence. This in turn, encircled a spartan chicken coup. Anecdotal at best, there remained heightened speculation amid the trailer park concerning the chicken cultivation.   The most plausible theory showed itself to be in the genre of that she sacrificed the winged creatures in mercurial rituals.


On the rarest of occasion, we kids were able to capture a glimpse of the human frailty which lie within her dissolute shed.  The inner sanctum cast itself to be some manner of alter.  The alter was fashioned of wood, and rendered cascades of perpetually flaming candles. It invoked the ascendancy of the image at the ever-burning  hearth of the Roman goddess, Vesta.

In times of antiquity, youthful maidens were chosen asunder to become what is known as Vestal Virgins. These young girls were tasked with the tedious chore of stoking the temple fires. If the Fates were to cast their darkish gaze upon the virgins and they tragically forsook their flames:  brutal beatings or death awaited them…….
















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