Confession Time: I have long parted from sanity. SANITY. This very word in my view, recalls a genre of languid, and proper soccer moms. Those among us who never swear, and come equipped with a spiked bob haircut. They go forth and spread the false gospel of sanctimony. Hereby I dub them as “Sanctimommies.” By and large, they arouse a feeling of all things mundane.

Their blogs remain dedicated to couponing and are ever indulgent towards HGTV. “Sanctimommies” can dress you down with just one look of entitled disapproval. The look that says, “If you don’t do as I do, then you are doing your life all wrong.”

Hell, if this is SANITY, then I wish to relinquish it. I take great pleasure in knowing that the fifth level of Hell in Dante’s Inferno is likely home to Sanctimommies! 

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