Flowers for Imbeciles: A Critique of The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin; (Part Three)

This is the third piece in this series. In order to view the second piece click here:Flowers for Imbeciles: A Critique of The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin {Part Two}

Come what may, brainless or not, I will continue this series. Nightfall has all but densely greeted me.  Awake, I lie prostrate to the ground.  At present, a rabid chipmunk is lustily feasting upon my ear.img_2764  With my senses derailed, I’m rendered incapable of operating a simple doorknob after reading “The Origin of Species.” Lo, I remain taken with awe on Darwin’s chapter upon Hybridism.

I stretch forth my thumbs and extend my pinky fingers. Certainly an exercise in the futile in regards to the doorknob. Behold, surely the vultures will have their way with my vile, rotting carcass. Isn’t it pretty to think so?

From here we move to the question of whether Charles Darwin admitted that transitional links would have to be found in order to prove his theories correct. Well? Does the Catholic Church have a fondness for prepubescent boys? A resounding YES! That is putting it charitably. Have any authentic transitional links been found? Heavens NO!

Can you even conceive of it? Yet we still proselytize Darwin’s remarkable folly. Sense has escaped me. It will be a small wonder if I ever get this door open……. 


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