Coffee and the Constitution Series: Gouverneur Morris; vol 1

The Constitution is the fabric in which our great nation is built upon. With this in mind I embarked on a journey to uncover as many gems in regards to this exquisite document as possible. Through the course of my research I chanced upon a photograph of one of our founding fathers, Gouverneur Morris.  After noticing the elegant pose, my eyes feasted on the wooden peg leg on the left side of his form.

Gouverneur Morris
My interest was considerably aroused. Gouverneur Morris is credited with writing expansive sections of the Constitution, including the Preamble. This was a  striking man.  He remained a rather astute Pennsylvania delegate originally from New York. By the tender age of 12 he was already enrolled in King’s College (presently) Columbia University.

According to historical accounts, he was touted with delivering the most speeches at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. He was a proponent for freedom of religion and made argument for such language in the Constitution. In those days, there was nary a man to be found that was openly for the abolition of slavery, apart from Morris.

From here we move to the question of his peg leg.  The official account was that Morris’s left leg was shattered in a carriage accident at the age of 28. The unofficial record of the loss is most tantalizing. Sources indicate that Morris was a wild philanderer. His journal speaks to affairs with both married and unmarried women. It is remarked that at the time of his leg loss he was having a tryst with a married woman. The woman’s husband came home early and Morris jumped from the window, eviscerating his leg.

Vol. 2 Coming Soon



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