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  • Dr. Jes Goldstein is a fictional blog series written and created by author J.S. Stone M.Ed. This blog series chronicles the personal adventures, musings, and struggles in the life of a female sociopath. The series will also delve into a variety of topics such as sexual abuse, identity, mental illness, spirituality, motherhood, giftedness, politics, and marriage.
  • Legal Disclaimer:  Dr. Jes Goldstein is a fictional character created by J.S. Stone M.Ed.  Please advise she will not be entering into a Doctor/Patient relationship with anyone, providing psychotherapy or medication.  Any character that resembles a real-life person is purely coincidental.  This blog series is for entertainment/social awareness purposes only. All blog content is copyright pending.  Sharing and links are allowed and encouraged to the extent that J.S. Stone is credited.  2017

Contact Information

J.S. Stone works as an independent freelance writer in all genres.  Please contact her management team of lunatics for more information or guest appearances and writing collaboration projects at Jtracy1980@yahoo.com

Click on this link to meet Dr. Jes Goldstein Sociopath

 Breaking the Ice: An Introduction

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